Wow. This book just totally blew me away. It was the ultimate 1. 2. punch of feels and giggles.

So I picked up the first book before I had any idea it was going to be a series and completely loved it. Like stalk the author, obsessed. So obviously as soon as each new book has been released I have been begging to read it.

Seriously, the Morgan family is the family everyone wishes they were part of. Every member is beautiful, so watching each couple fall in love was awesome but having the previous couple in each new book get a little more of their HEA just added to the awesome.

If you have read this as a series you already love Zander and I really don't need to tell you anything about him for you to love him but damn he got even better. Which I thought was impossible since he was pretty damn perfect already.

Aloha was original. And I love that she was compared to Peany, Zander’s beloved wifey. That comparison made me instantly love her and that love just grew, especially when we saw her through Zander's eyes.

And honestly just having the two of them would have been enough, especially since the book was from both of their points of view. But having the whole Morgan ensemble all the way through was the icing on the cake. And Aloha loving Keane and Maddy just added to her appeal.

This is a must read book. It can totally be a standalone but don't do yourself the disservice of not meeting the whole Morgan clan in order. They are the funniest bunch with the best hearts you will love them.


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