I absolutely love this series. Lexi writes in a way that every book makes me feel like I am personally invested in the outcome. But in complete honesty I didn't really have that with this one. To be fair I think it was a case of it's not you, it's me since I read it while all the kids were around and I couldn't get entirely lost in it.

Or maybe it's that I still am not a massive fan of Molly. So before I explain why I best throw in a  disclaimer that if you are reading this as a standalone, disregard, if you've read the series then you will have your own opinions. But when we got to know Molly previously through the other books I felt she was seriously selfish. She put her secret above everyone else until it was almost too late.

Before you send the lynch mob, what she went through was horrible and I can understand why she kept it a secret. She just held on to it when she knew it was causing a lot of pain to other people.

Now Brayden I loved. He was so sweet and understanding and a typical Jackson brother. And I enjoyed their story I just wasn't as invested in it as I was the others. And even though this review sounds like one big long whinge I did still enjoy it and it was a four star read just not the anticipated 5 stars I have come to expect from the series.

So if you're new to the series I highly recommend starting at the start but this could be read as a standalone. And honestly I would have enjoyed it more if it was the only one I had read but OMG I am obsessed with the first 3 so if you read this first and enjoy it go back and grab the others. 


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