This was a sweet little friends to lovers novella. To be honest I haven't read any of this author's work before but when I read the blurb it sounded right up my alley. And it kind of was but I think there was a little too much going on for me.

I know that sounds odd but the actual couple had a lot going on and then there was a bit going on in the background with Knightly's brothers that are probably part of another book and the tease did make me a little curious. But since I wasn't really a fan of the brothers and I doubt they will be hit by a bus I might leave it for now.

But anyway back to Knightly and Heath. They were so good together but both of them were so busy trying to hide their feelings for each other that they didn't see how the other felt. And even though Heath's daughter was a total cutie I didn't get the single dad angle I wanted.

I sound like such a cry baby right now but like I said this was a sweet novel and I did enjoy it. I just went into it wanting it a certain way and it went a different direction and I didn't get on board enough to love it.


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