So in the interest of complete honesty I feel like i should confess that although this made my TBR pile it probably would have been quite some time before i got around to reading it. You see I love sports romance but second chance is so hit and miss for me that I really have to be in the mood for it. But then someone told me this one introduced Alexei from Finding Alexei and I have been obsessing over that for ages so I figured I would read this first.

The positives are that it's a really well written, easy to read story. There's none of the normal hang ups or carry over drama from their first relationship. They just took responsibility for it not working and they both moved on like adults. Also during their separation they each lived their own lives without any unnecessary pining on either end.

There really aren't any negatives to the story except that I didn't really click with either character. I didn't dislike them I just didn't love them and since I was reading this to get to finding Alexei it was like eating my veges before dessert. And from the little that Alexei was actually in this I totally could have forgone reading this for now but oh well now I can start it without guilt or wondering.


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