Obviously my stalking skills need some work because somehow Linda managed to publish this book without me obsessing over it for the 3 months leading up to it. And that almost feels like I received an unexpected gift. I opened up GoodReads one day and there it was.

So naturally I one clicked it but between kids and birthdays and Christmas it took me way too long to get to read it. I also was maybe a little unsure if I could handle it. Getting a whole book from the alternate POV is super hit and miss for me. And I loved my forbidden men so much and Mason's story was hard to hear from Reese's POV. So much could crush me here.

But big girl panties were securely pulled up and I remembered that Linda had never let me down and in I went. Only to try talk books to my hubby and strangers in the checkout line and the dog every time I got dragged away from my book.

Mason was just as amazing from his POV as he was from Reese's. And I think it helped that it's been so long since I read Price of a Kiss that I wasn't mentally comparing the storyline I was just remembering a first love.

The novellas at the end were an amazing touch and I am going to up my stalking game to get my grabby hands on The Revenge Plan because that teaser has me dying for more. And although I didn't think the forbidden men series needed it this book did complete the circle so beautifully I am glad I read it. But now I might have to try find time for a reread because remembering Tinker bell and Ten and Sarah and everyone else falling in love has made me want to re-experience it again.


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