Holy shit ..................... I mean just gah!!! I can't get my emotions under control right now. Which to be honest is why I have put off reading this book forever. I just knew it was going to kill me to read it. In fact I can honestly say that in the 18 months since I read Lucas I have completely forgotten that entire book but I still KNEW I had to be in the right headspace to read Logan and that day finally arrived and I can honestly say I was not ready.

Because Logan, Oh my god he killed me. And he did it slowly. I knew we were building to something huge and I had all these theories. Every time Logan had a flashback they just got wilder and wilder. I wavered on what it was going to be and how much I could forgive and in the end all my theories and plans were for nothing. I was right and I was so wrong.

This book had me crying, I was so devastated for everyone I would have forgiven almost anything. But as awesome as Logan and Aubrey were this story was so awesome because it was so much more than them and their love story. And I am not just talking about the depth and the heartbreak, I am talking about the family and the history and the joy and love. And yeah I am talking about Lachy, man that kid is going to be a heartbreaker. I can’t wait for his book. No seriously where is his book already?

What’s funny is that I got to the end and realised this is a more than series crossover from the book in that series I also put off reading because I knew it would be the book that would destroy me. SO I guess I now have my next Jay McLean novel to obsess over being ready for, while I wait for the next one in this series. Even though her books are all high four or very solid 5 star reads they just make me feel so hard I can’t adult when I have to read them.


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