Well it’s no secret if Sarina Bowen writes it I will read it so obviously I had to read overnight sensation. And obviously I loved it. But when it comes to reviewing them I almost feel like I should be able to write Sarina Bowen wrote it, Enough said!!! Apparently it’s not so here goes.

This book is another one of the Brooklyn Bruisers series and it definitely lived up to the high expectations of the series, that said if you’re crazy and haven’t devoured the rest of the books as they were released it can be read as a standalone.

I went into this one expecting a lot more drama from reading the blurb and I was so happy to discover it was fairly light on the drama. There was still so much emotion and in true Sarina Bowen style I felt every ounce of it. I cried at moments, thankfully not huge ugly tears but then I was smiling again soon after.

Heidi was sweet and I loved that she wanted to stand on her own two feet without being set on being ragingly independent. She accepted help where it was offered and she enjoyed being looked after and pampered and it just made her feel more authentic. Yeah it’s nice to know your own strength and be respected for it but who doesn’t like being treated like a princess occasionally?

Jason wasn’t as closed off as I was expecting and I like that with the way this was written it almost felt a little bit like insta love, even though we know Jason has been dancing around Heidi for months. Everything he had gone through was so huge in making him who he was, but in the end he didn’t let it define him and his future. And even though he stumbled and made a few mistakes he owned them and fixed them quickly, which just made me love him even more.

The secondary characters who we already know and love if we have read the story were as awesome as always and I love love love that they play a large part in the story but are still background characters. But damn does it make me antsy to get some of the new stories.

So I guess in closing yes this book was awesome, yes you should read it now. 


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