So absolutely everything about this book screams for me. First it’s co-written by Sarina Bowen, then you have a single parent and a man who is good with kids. I may as well hand over my ovaries with purchase cause you just know they are going to explode while reading this and yeah they really did.

Confession, I read the first book, loved it, never got around to the second book, read the blurb for this one and had to grabby hands it. Yeah I probably should have read them in order and to be honest the reason it took me so long to read this one was I felt like I HAD to read them in order but I just couldn’t get up much enthusiasm for the second book and it’s $5 price tage when I have 2000 books on my TBR and a heap of them are on Kindle Unlimited. And I love Kindle Unlimited right now.

Obviously this was so well written, and I don’t even think there was a single editing mistake or if there was I was so invested I didn’t notice it. The story was great and I couldn’t put it down from the first word.

Liam was such a sweetheart and I loved that he was so soft but so far from being a pussy he was amazing. He was exactly what Sadie and her twins needed. I really think if men knew what a turn on a good dad is the world would be overrun with sexy stay at home dads.

I loved that the kids were such a major part of the story. Most single parent books the kids are just chilling in the background and I often wonder when the author last spent time with kids especially 2 year olds. But damn Amy and Kate added so much to the story and not just the giggles.

This whole story had a load of laugh out loud moments that just added to the authenticity of the emotions. Everything about this book was amazing and it was worth every cent.


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