So I have discovered that my taste in books has changed quite a bit over the last few years, a lot of it I noticed but some of those changes have snuck up on me with me being very quietly in denial over it. But today I had this massive aha moment. See there I was on a plane with four hours stretching in front of me and a kindle full of books and no idea what to read. First world problems for sure. But with everything in airplane mode and having put half of the books on my kindle years ago I was honestly lost. I couldn’t read anything that would have me a blubbering mess (half my kindle) and I didn’t want anything that would have me noticeably squirming in my seat (a quarter of my kindle) so those books were narrowing down fast.

Then I saw Lick. I LOVE Kylie Scott. My friends LOVE the Stage Dive series. Why haven’t I read it anytime over the last five and a half years? Well I had to admit it, the thought of a rock star romance freaked me out. The last few (dozen) I read when I was obsessed with them had groupies and such and I have gotten soft. I want romance and love, not random skank banging on buses. Now before you crucify me I knew that wasn’t the case here but I had a mental block that I had no choice but to hurdle today.

And I am so freaking glad I did. David and Evelyn were just what I needed. The book made my flight fly and I actually held up disembarking to finish my chapter only to jump straight on my hotel bed and dive back in. The whole book had a great mix of lust, love, drama, angst and just all around great writing. But I still have to steel myself to read the rest of the series. Which feels so unnatural to me since it should be a no brainer. God I annoy me.

Anyway this is supposed to be about Lick and not about my pending insanity. So, David, damn just the thought of him makes me a little squirmy. I could feel the pheromones wafting off him. But OMG why are men such idiots? Seriously? I wanted to flick him in the forehead so he could try pull his head out of his arse. And Ev was so much stronger than I expected. But then I hold grudges and am stupidly stubborn so maybe she is just more forgiving and mature than me.

I am so in lust with Mal. And since I read the Dive Bar series I have this burning desire to read his book even though I can’t actually remember why the feeling was so strong from the minute his name was written so maybe I best get those big girl panties and try dive back into the rest of the series. But for now I am going to go to sleep thinking about David’s shirtless cuddles.


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