I am having a really hard time trying to figure out how to rate this book. And to be honest I am not really surprised. See Harper Sloan has been an insta buy for me for the entire Bleeding Hearts and Corps Security series, I love her writing and her alpha heroes. But I read a few reviews that were less than flattering and I just didn’t connect with the blurb so I put it off until the what do I read now dilemma hit for the millionth time and for some reason this was the book that jumped out at me as I flicked through the stupid crazy amount of books on my kindle.

So you would think after reading it I would know how many stars to give the book but I just can’t get my head around a few contradictory things. First it has so many elements I love and they are done so well. Plus it has a heap of the awesomeness that can be expected from Harper. And the twists and turns kept me guessing until nearly the end. And all of that would normally make this a no brainer 5 star read.

Problem solved you would think except I read 30% of it before I fell asleep last night and when I picked up my kindle I couldn’t really remember what I had read. See the way it was written was kind of convoluted and I got a little lost in parts. I think it was written that way to add to the overall mystery but for me it just made it hard to get into, or maybe it wasn’t the book and it’s just my brain being tired from baby not sleeping and Christmas over lapping. Either way I just didn’t really connect with the beginning of the book.

But as I got further along this morning I forgot about my issues with the first 30% and got invested in Ari and Thorn. I loved them and I loved that there was no relationship drama since Thorn was an absolutely perfect growling, chest beating alpha. Oh and Ari more than held her own in the well developed, easy to love characters. Throw in some great secondary characters and an arsehole cat and my little heart was happy.

So how do I rate it? A 4 feels like it isn’t enough for how invested I was in Thorn and Ari but a 5 feels like too much for a book I wasn’t massively obsessed with from the first word. So I think I will give it a four and see if it plays on my mind over the next few days or weeks while I stalk Harper to see when we are getting more of this series.


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