I wasn’t going to do a review for this one. I actually don’t even know how I came to read it. I was looking for something to read on GoodReads and this was one of several I loaded onto my kindle and when I sat down and opened my kindle I just started reading it.

And I enjoyed it, I just didn’t love it. But that could be me and the mood I have been in recently. I know what I want to read and it isn’t anything I seem to be able to find at the moment, or maybe even if I did find it, it would be wrong. So anyway the issue is with me and not the book, I am pretty sure.

I just didn’t really like Kennedy. I got where she was coming from but she just came across as too much for me. I expected the secrets in her closet to be more than they actually were with the way she was running around waving her girl power banner. She was so sure everyone was out to use her she didn’t let anyone get close to her. Don’t get me wrong I loved her take no bullshit attitude and how she stood up for the people she cared about I just didn’t click with her enough for my own satisfaction.

Shay I liked. He really was the best boyfriend. Maybe a little closed off but then Kennedy had so much going on I didn’t feel like it was ever not about her and I really would have liked it to be more about Shay.

Overall it was a good read, it just wasn’t what I particularly felt like reading right now and so I am off to start the search all over again.


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