Misadventures of a college girl wasn't even on my TBR radar when I hit a two day book slump of looking over the mountain to figure out what to read next only to get upset at finding nothing. I mean there's only two thousand books there. Lol. Then I saw one of the misadventures books and checked out the series. Saw Lauren Rowe's name, read the blurb and knew my stars had aligned.

This was a hot as fuck, sweet, funny, college romance with the perfect sports hero to nail the lead. And I don't just mean the leading lady * wink wink * Tyler was awesome. Every little thing about him. Even for that one page before I got to know him, when I thought he was a shallow arsehole I still wanted him.

But damn if he wasn't taken from the dreams of college girls everywhere. Especially the stage five clingers. He was just ………. gah!!!! Words can't even describe him, except I guess they can and Lauren used them to perfection to create him for us.

Not to discount Zooey. She was super sweet and I loved her too. She knew who she was and what she wanted and she didn't play any stupid games or make any unnecessary drama. But that could also be said about the whole book. We know Tyler has a rather active past but it's never anything but a quickly passing fact. Not once is it anything other than history he once had, which I loved, since that's such a standard go to in college sports romance I did semi expect it.

And the heat level in this book was awesome. I think Tyler owes a lot of women new panties from the amount of times they went up in flames reading this. * fans self *

The ending wasn't anything I saw coming, however since it was such a fun, lighthearted easy read I didn't have any shocks or major upsets. I spent the whole book smiling, laughing out loud, squirming or just generally feeling great about the world. I did shed a few tears but I think that was just me being a bit overly dramatic since I cry at toilet roll ads at this time of the month ;)

Overall this is an awesome break from reality and the perfect book to break my book slump. Loved it.


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