Catastrophe queen was so cute and quirky. With so many laugh out loud moments I am sure the guy next to me was getting a little nervous on our flight. But oh well I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was the perfect story to keep me hooked.

Mallory was such a real character, even with all her clumsiness she was so the girl next door for me. She just seemed so authentic. I mean sure she tripped over air a few times but who hasn't?

Cameron wasn't too bad himself. I mean the fact that he found her clumsiness endearing and he just went with the flow so easily, made him pretty easy to like. The towel scene didn't hurt any either.

And I absolutely loved their meeting. I could almost feel the heat of her blush through my kindle. Then you throw in a whole host of secondary characters with as much personality as this lot had and it just adds to the overall fun feel of the whole book. And the complete lack of drama was the cherry on top.

I really recommend this book if your looking for a light hearted, feel good romance that will leave you swooning and giggling. 


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