I don't really know where to start with this review. I am assuming you know that Elle Kennedy writes the hell out of college sports romances so I won't gush over how great the writing was. So that only leaves me with telling you about this particular book.

I have to say it wasn't my favourite. To be fair to Elle I read it when we were all sick so I never really got the chance to get completely wrapped up in it. But for me it just took a while to get to the them part of the story. And once we did it was sweet and I loved them together. But then we had the natural drama and conflict and it was resolved way to quickly and the book ended.

So I just felt like I needed a little more at the end. Brenna was a character who felt really authentic. She had her own interests and friends and she didn't define herself by anyone else's opinions and I really enjoyed getting to know her.

Jake was ok but he didn't really do much for me. I found him a little boring and self centered which he owned but he didn't really do anything to make up for it which might have made me like him more.

Overall it was a good new adult book that I enjoyed I just always expect to LOVE Elle Kennedy books but like I said that's probably on me and I can't wait to get my grabby hands on the next one.


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