The Blackhawk boys have all made such an impact and I have loved every one of them but I fell in love with Mason through everyone else's stories. So when we got to book 5 and the story of Mason and Bailey I just couldn't get up the lady balls to read it. I liked Bailey ok as a friend but I hated her for Mason.

Bailey just felt like she was playing him and I really couldn't handle watching him get put through the emotional wringer any more than I had already seen. But I love Lexi Ryan and I knew she would make it work for me so I one clicked it way back when and never got there. Until now.

So Mayson was Mason. Sweet, amazing, loving and all around the perfect boyfriend. And I may have taken a bit to get over my Bailey bias but I quickly learned she loved Mason, she was just so tied up in secrets and promises she couldn't let herself show it.

We also got glimpses of the couples we already know and adore which is always great. And since Lexi wrote this to perfection I have put the book down with a massive smile feeling so much better to know my beautiful Mason is in the best hands. Now we just need a spin off series or something cause I need more.


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