Oh my god no, you can't stop there and expect me to wait a whole month for the next installment and then another month again for the conclusion.  Think of my poor family having to deal with my book induced insanity. I am dying trying to figure out where this is going to go next. Will it still be in the same point of view? So many questions.

Ok and now I have to try get my brain on track enough to review the book. I guess first things first do yourself a favour and pre order the whole series now. Then prepare yourself for the whole range of emotions. I went through all the feels and even got a little lump in my throat at one point.

Mona was one of those characters that I have literally nothing in common with yet I lived and breathed her from some point in the book I couldn't even begin to pinpoint. She broke my heart and I spent the whole book dying for everyone to just SEE her. And every time I thought there was going to be an aha! moment it veered left at the last second.

And Abram was such an enigma. I was dying to get to know more about him and have some of the mystery be torn away. But alas it didn't happen and other than knowing that he is a sweetheart who seems to be falling for our girl I still feel like I know nothing about him. And obviously I want to know so much more.

So to say I am dying to see what's next is an understatement and now I am off to beg and plead for the next installment.


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