Yeah I totally read this because it was shelved as best dirty talk by a few of my GoodReads friends. Add the fact it was co-written by Tessa Bailey and you just know it’s going to be hot. And even though I don’t share Autumn’s kinks it was definitely hot but it was also a lot more that I wasn’t really expecting.

I haven’t read any books by Eve Dangerfield before so I didn’t really know what to expect from her contribution into this. What I got was a heap of laughs and a very rare authentic Aussie “sheila”. Autumn was so Aussie in her inner thoughts and speaking it was awesome. It was so good to see a genuinely Australian character and I had so many laugh out loud moments with her I enjoyed everything about her.

Blake was pretty damn great himself. He was the perfect guy for Autumn and I was hooked from the start. I mean seriously who here can resist a guy who loves books? And turns himself inside out to be perfect for Autumn. Sure he made some mistakes but he was so sincere in everything he did for her it was super sweet.

I totally loved Blake and Autumn as a couple and the way they interacted was so real and felt so natural and I loved every part of this story.


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