Don't you hate it when a book just totally tanks your ability to adult? I am having this constant dilemma of what to read next every time i put a book down. So today I decided rather than spend another 2 days trying to find a book to read i would read the oldest book on my current series shelf and that turned out to be one tiny lie.

I didn't read the blurb, I had no idea why i didn't read it five freaking years ago since I do know I enjoyed the first one. So I started reading and realised it was a love triangle and I have avoided them like the plague for ages. Well obviously for about five years.

But the writing was so good and I kinda liked Livie, even when I didn't. I got what motivated her and I felt a little broken for her. We all have things we know we shouldn't want. And it's even harder when there's no real valid reason not to choose the thing we think is right for us over that thing we actually want.

I did find it hard to get over the fact that she acted like such a selfish bitch when she knew her actions weren't just affecting herself. But then it's easy to rationalize things when you are living it, especially when your 18. And don't even get me started on Ash. I loved him as much as I hated him. He did my head in.

What is it about closed off brooding broken men that just works for me in books? But then here i am at 1am wide awake freaking out that the kids will be up in 5 hours being all needy and demanding while I am rocking a severe book hangover and trying to decide what I am going to read next.

So yeah I am glad I didn't read the blurb. I am glad I made myself read a book I remember having to wait for before I decided to read it later. Because this book has had my complete attention since I picked it up and i loved it, even when i knew i shouldn't. 


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