I was so excited to get this book free. I mean seriously what a bonus, a free book just for pre-ordering the book I had literally waited 6 months to get my hands on. And it's written by two of my favourite authors. So obviously as soon as I got it I jumped right on in. I had no idea what it was about, how long it was, nothing except that it was a gift from two amazing authors.

And now that I have I want to scream and rant at both Rebecca and Jay for their cruelty. I was so invested in both characters that when I got to the end and realised there was a whole other book and that I am left not knowing what is going to happen next.

Iker was so freaking beautiful, inside and out. He was sweet and caring and compassionate yet all growly, possessive alpha and I love him so much. I am dying to see what happens next for him and hopefully meet his brother.

And OMG Langley was so beyond anything that I expected. When we first met her I thought she was going to be a Barbie doll, sorority princess. Then as we saw her come out of her shell and let Iker get to know the her under the pretty facade she presented to the world.

As a couple they were just amazing and I couldn't put it down from start to finish but the fact I have to wait for the conclusion is just pure torture. However as a marketing strategy it worked since I dropped my kindle and ran off to pre-order Justified, so now I have two books to hold my breath for. Well played ladies.


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