I love this series. It’s seriously like catching up with old friends. It’s so warm and familiar and everything about it just works so well. It has the perfect balance of emotion, chemistry and awesome characters. And the fact that we catch up with them all and see their family grow as we get introduced to each new couple just adds to it.

It’s been a little while since I read Bones and Sarah’s story so it did take me a minute to remember who Josie was and why she was acting like a bit of a dick towards Sarah and Scott. But luckily for me each of these is written to standalone so as I got deeper in the story I fell back into the flow of everyone and remembered who is who.

Josie was probably one of my least favourite heroines in this series and if I am being completely honest I really didn’t warm up to her too much through the book. She was just too focused on the wrong things in my opinion, or maybe that was just my take away and everyone else will see her differently. Or it could just be that I am an unsympathetic bitch who would have jumped on Moon in a minute and forgotten the rest of the world.

Because damn was Moon AKA Jed amazing. He was everything I have come to expect from a Whiskey, even a surrogate Whiskey member. He was so loving and caring and sweet and he had such a massive heart (yeah I was thinking a little lower was pretty impressive as well). And I am seriously looking forward to seeing how his Junior Knights program develops and see him become a full member of the Dark Knights.

And I am loving all the new characters we have been introduced to in this book. I am hoping we get their stories soon. Although I am really looking forward to seeing Dixie get her heart won and seeing how her brothers deal with it all. Hell I am just looking forward to more.


  1. I'm so happy you're looking forward to more and that you loved Jed so much! You totally made me laugh, reading your review. XOXOX

    1. Thanks :) This series is my absolute favourite. I wish I could start from the beginning for the first time all over again. -xxx-


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