I absolutely love Lexi Ryan. She is a go to for books with a whole mess of emotion that also have such great chemistry and characters and stories that I get lost in them from the first page and then wander around in a bit of a fog for hours after closing the book.

The boys of Jackson Harbor has been such an awesome series and I have loved every one of them but when I picked this one up I only vaguely remember the last book. So I basically read this as a standalone and it still seriously worked for me. Although I am sure it would be even better if I had read it back to back with the other books.

I was so sucked in from the beginning trying to figure out everyone's secrets and then trying to figure out how they were going to be exposed. And I was so invested in both Teagan and Carter that I was dying to see it worked out perfectly for them both.

They were both going through so much that they really shouldn't have had to deal with alone. I just wanted to wrap them both up in big hugs and make it all better for them both.

And as much as I loved this book the hardest part is having to wait for the next one after the little tease I am assuming we got at girls night at the end of this one.


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