I really am struggling to review this book. From the first time I read the blurb I wanted to read it so when I was trying to figure out what to read next and this popped up on KU I thought it was a no brainer. Only it wasn't.  

I am in a kinda book slump and nothing is really grabbing me since life is soo hectic. But I pushed on and kept trying to get invested because the story was good and I wanted to know what happened I just had to force myself to keep reading.

Then I got to about the 65% mark and I had to see if my suspicions were correct and get some happily ever after for Hay and War. But I have to admit I did skim a lot. I just personally felt there was too much background info and focus on secondary characters who weren't involved in the actual story.

I heard more about Hay's sister and father issues than I cared about yet the info on Warren's parents was glossed over even though it was potentially a hell of a lot more interesting.

Overall it is possible it's a me issue rather than a book issue and I probably would have been better off putting it down at the start rather than spending 3 days trying to make myself read it but it wasn't a bad book just not one for me at the moment.


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