I rarely read MM romance, not because I don’t like it but just because there’s so many other romance genres that I prefer I never get there except for a few certain authors who if they write it I will read it. And Tessa Bailey is one of the authors at the top of that list. Her books are just so freaking hot yet they aren’t lacking in the emotion or storyline either. Sometimes I think she has the map to all my kinks.

And this series has been perfect. I loved Olive and Rory so much and I really enjoyed meeting the other Prince brothers. And I really did fall hard for Marcus and Jamie but I really didn’t think I would be as big a fan of Marcus as I came to be. He came across as being so full of himself but in a way that was cute and loveable until I started to see him through Jamie’s eyes and see everything he was going through from his own point of view. Then he was just perfect.

I can’t even fathom how hard it would be to go through being judged for who you are as a person. And watching Marcus struggle with not just realising he was gay but also how to tell his family actually made me tear up a little bit. And then on the flip side Jamie being out and proud despite the things he had gone through to get there I completely understood him not wanting to wait for Marcus to figure out who he was.

Of course the writing was so good that I felt every emotion they went through. The good and the bad. Then you have Tessa Bailey’s trade mark sizzling, hot as hell chemistry and the whole book was unputdownable. From start to finish I was so involved and I loved every word of it.

And now I am dying to get my hands on the next book which had better be Andrew and Jiya’s or I may have to start a mutiny. Plus I am dying from the suspense of who the damn guy is floating around. Just release the damn book already Tessa.


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