Well that was unexpected. In absolutely the best of ways. Whenever I read a trilogy I try to wait until the last book is available as I have zero patience and the worst memory but it's Penny Reid and I just couldn't wait. I signed up for the blog tour and promptly fell in love with Mona and Abram.

After the second book I was so happy. The identity deception was out and they were together and going to make it work. But OMG my stomach was a massive ball of knots worrying what was going to happen to them. There's always a drama and as I share the same thoughts on rock stars and their lifestyles I assumed Abram was going to break my heart. Then they told me I had to wait until release day to get my ARC to avoid spoilers and my nerves went crazy for Mona.

I actually delayed reading this so if I had to deal with ugly tears it wouldn't be at a time I couldn't wallow in them. But I am glad to report I was way off. This book was awesome. It was the perfect finish to the trilogy and I am so glad I read it. Mona and Abram are beautiful and I loved seeing their journey through time.

Oh and Penny if you stumble upon this I loved that they were thinkers. Thank your husband for us all.


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