Aurora Rose Reynolds is an auto one click insta read author. She writes the best romance. Every single one of her books has everything I need to make the book unputdownable. You have a feisty, intelligent heroine; an over the top, growling, protective alpha; no relationship angst or drama; and enough going on to keep the book interesting. I just love her writing so much.

So this book was everything I could have expected. Leah was an awesome leading lady. She was sweet and smart. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t prepared to settle for less than she deserved and from the first page I wanted to adopt her as my BFF. Leah and her crazy cat made me laugh. Mainly because I have a very similar arsehole cat that we all love to hate. And I loved her family and friends. Personally she could have been a little less forgiving of certain people but that’s my character flaw.

Tyler was everything you could want in an alpha hero. From his first interaction with Leah he was perfect. And when the jealous, possessive growling made an appearance I was pretty much ready to hand over my ovaries. I seriously love a man who puts his woman first and he went above and beyond to make sure everyone knew Leah was the center of his world and it just made me a swoony, melted mess. 

And of course I loved Bruce. Throw in a well loved dog who is as protective and possessive of his loved ones as the hero and the book gets an automatic extra star. I can’t wait to see where this series is going to go. 


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