I'm a little stumped as to how to rate and review this book. I don't know if part of my issue is the insanity I am in the middle of with our crazy life at the moment or if it is the fact it's Ilsa freaking Madden Mills that wrote it so it must have been good. I went back and forth on the book and characters so much I just ugh. 

First I guess is the fact the writing is great, it kept me captivated even when I really shouldn't have been. The characters had so much push and pull I wanted to smack them. Hard. But then the next minute I wanted to hug them and make it all better.

Charm was a little annoying but as the story evolved, I started to understand her a little better and she started to look a little deeper at Blaze. And between those things I got on team Charm and didn't mind her so much.

Blaze I felt sorry for from the start and as his background is further revealed that sympathy just got stronger. But he made a few stupid mistakes that drove me a little mental. But again he pulled his head out of his arse and opened himself up and he was awesome it just took forever.

But I finished the book with a huge smile and even when I was annoyed with the characters I had to keep flipping the pages to see how the newest drama was going to play out so I think I liked it. 


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