I really love Helena Hunting. She always manages the perfect mix of romance and comedy. And even though she seems to have my sense of humour I still find I end up with a few unexpected laugh out loud moments that took me completely by surprise. 

When I read the last book I was expecting more laughs from the book given the sex toy selling main character and the stuck up CEO counterpart and I was a little disappointed by my own expectations. So I really went into this one not expecting anything but a good story and I can say Helena definitely delivered. 

Luckily this book can be read as a standalone since my goldfish memory had forgotten most of the details until I was reminded. And that just made me love it even more. I had all these reminders of previous couples I had loved. And I got a whole mess of Armstrong drama to make me giggle and judge.

Lincoln and Wren were perfect. And I seriously enjoyed every minute of the tease as much as I loved them together. Lincoln had so much going on and he handled it all so well, with the help and guidance of Wren. They were the perfect compliment to each other and I seriously enjoyed the epilogue and can't wait to see where Helena will go with the series next.


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