I seem to be in the minority here as everyone I stalk and trust for book recommendations loved it hard. I was such a massive fan of Unexpected Reality. But I read it so long ago I can't really remember much about it except that I loved it so much. And when I saw Unexpected Fight I expected it to be angsty and sad.

So I held off reading it until I had the time to immerse myself in all the feels. And when I hit the 50% mark without drama or sadness I started getting anxious about what was coming and skimming the pages. And when the first bit of drama hit it didn't have the impact I was waiting for. Not to minimise what the couple was going through but I just didn't really care.

Which kind of makes me a coldhearted bitch but I just didn't feel it. Then when I was hit with the second drama I hadn't gotten invested enough in the couple due to my skimming. It all felt a little bit too neat. It hit and was wrapped up too close to the end of the book.

Now don't get me wrong the writing was good and I liked the characters I just didn't get what I expected. And if I had read this another day I probably would have enjoyed it. So for today this is a 3.5 star read. But I will be adding it to my re-read in a few years when I don't have any unexpected expectations.


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