I feel like I have waited forever for this book to be released but considering the circumstances I feel bad for complaining. But I honestly couldn't have gotten it too soon. It's like C.P. Smith and Aurora Rose Reynolds have the same ability to see into my psyche and write the perfect books for me.

So when they combine for the Happily Ever Alpha series it's heaven. Joe lived up to the standards of all the alphas in both the Wallflower series and the Until series. He had the whole growling, possessive thing down and I loved that he was the first one to admit he messed up, when he did.

Bernice I vaguely remember from the wallflower series and I now really want to do a re-read. She was the ultimate mix of southern charm and kickarse awesomeness. And I love, love, loved that she never flew off the handle when things happened. 

They were such a perfect couple and their maturity added so much to the story. They both had real life baggage that they dealt with without unnecessary drama and they just got on with their own crazy, normal real life, wallflower style.

This was such a great cross over I don't think I can get enough. And I am hoping that all of the well wishes of C.P.s fans have reached the right ears and her son's recovery continues and I only mean that partially selfishly, so we can get more of her awesome words, honest.


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