I am such a massive KA fan it’s hard to do anything but squeal that I got an ARC. However I will try to reel that in. The 1001 dark nights series are the perfect way to meet new authors. You get a great feel for their writing style and meet a few of their characters and some teasers for their series while getting to read a complete standalone. In the case of this novella, I already knew all the secondary characters from previous books but I adored the way each set of characters from each different series was introduced. Even those that weren’t in the book were referenced.

This was the perfect shallow dive into the Kristen Ashley writing world. Firstly it had almost all of her characters either mentioned or present. Secondly and this one is kinda a double edged sword, but being a novella it wasn’t as wordy as KA is want to be. I will admit that KA is one of those authors that sucks me in so hard I normally appreciate the wordiness of her novels but sometimes I just don’t care about the throw cushions and want to get to the story. And lets be honest a KA novella is a normal sized novel for most authors so it wasn’t missing a thing.

Lottie Mac has always been on the fringes of the Rock Chicks and I loved that she was apart of them but separate. So I got heaps of the Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch but it wasn’t about them. Which meant we also got heaps of Hawk’s commandos but again it wasn’t about them either. The whole story was Lottie and Mo and they were perfect. Mo was a typical KA hero, alpha, macho, sweet and amazing.

So if you’ve heard great things but don’t want to commit to a 500 page novel, which I can understand, this is the perfect starting point.  And if you’re already a KA fan you know what your getting here. A kickarse heroine, an ultra macho, alpha male commando, a bit of action, a load of awesome chemistry and a whole mess of secondary characters you know and love. Oh and a fair bit of Tex, and seriously who doesn’t love Tex?

Now that I have put this down and the fog is lifting, I have a serious itch to do a reread of every KA novel ever written so now I am off to stalk her shelves for an hour trying to figure out which one I want to read more before falling asleep without reading a word. Toodles.


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