I had no idea this book was even in the works until I saw it and I will admit to a little bit of a happy dance. More Sugar Lake can never be a bad thing and I was so excited to see this spin off.

Obviously I love Melissa Foster's writing and her characters are all really easy to fall in love with. But damn I am a sucker for a secret baby and this baby was so secret Ben never even saw her coming. Aurelia however took to her so immediately which just made me love her even harder.

Ben pissed me off as much as I liked him. On one hand once he decided to move his relationship with Aurelia out of the friend zone there was no doubting his feelings. And I loved that he showed her how much he had always wanted her through their shared history. But on the other hand WTF Ben? It took you forever to make a move and you were far from celibate in that time.

So while I loved the storyline and characters and got the amazing secondary characters I expected I just didn't get quite enough to push it to a 5 star read. But I have high hopes for Remi's story, I just have to pay better attention to my stalking.

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  1. LOL, I'm glad you're looking forward to Remi. There's plenty more fun in store for Harmony Pointe. Thank you for joining the tour!


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