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One bad decision would change my life forever. I couldn't have anticipated when I walked home from work that night that I'd bear witness to the murder of our city's most notorious gangster. The bad guys didn't notice me at the time, but I sure have their attention now. I've sacrificed everything with one goal in my life, to be a doctor, and to save lives. Nothing, not the criminals who walk our streets or Detective Michael Hill, the mule-headed cop determined to protect me, is going to get in my way.



I took a vow to defend and serve. First, in the marines, and now, as a Detective for Lake Ansley PD. Women and romance have no place in a life like mine. But from the moment I laid on eyes on Dr. Evangeline Williams, she's sparked every protective instinct I have. Smart, stubborn, and a little bit of a badass; I can't help it if she reminds me of myself. If I keep showing up at the same places as her, it's only to keep her safe. I don't do relationships after all. However, I'm not the only one watching her now. If she's not careful, I'm going to watch her get herself killed.










meet amanda

Amanda Faye currently resides in Atlanta with her high school sweetheart and husband of 14 years and their 4 amazing children.

She's had a passion for reading and writing since she was a child. She stole her first romance novel from her mother at age 12 and hasn't looked back since.

You could say being a Reeder is in her blood. (Family joke)

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