I'm at the, I can't believe it's finished stage with a whole heap of oh yeah that was the perfect way to sum up 2020. Because it really did have everything that defines this year in it, in a way that only Lani Lynn Vale could do.


Add in the Christmas theme with a hero named Saint and it really was a great way to wrap up one of the highlights of the year. Every month this series has been something to look forward to. Each and every hero has just gotten better and better.


And Carolina was a pretty amazing heroine herself. She had the whole quirky thing down, while still being really likeable and relatable. Her whole family was as involved and quirky as she was. And I loved them as much as the previous secondary characters.


But now it's done and I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to go next. I still need to read so many of the back list and yet the next series sounds just as awesome as this one has been.




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