I have had the first book of this series on my TBR since it was released, and I have been wanting to read it. When the sign up for this one came my way, I figured it would be the perfect chance to read them back to back. Then promptly forgot until this one landed on my kindle and I barely had time to read it.


Luckily for me each book is a standalone with interconnected characters so reading the first one wasn't necessary. Unfortunately for me this book just wasn't what I was hoping for. It had its moments where I was completely absorbed in the story but for the main part I struggled.


I didn't really connect with either character and I kind of felt like they were playing a part they hadn't rehearsed. Normally little inconsistencies don't bother me but because I wasn't a fan of them I nit-picked. Which drove me nuts. Also, there were a few small plot twists that didn't feel resolved.


Neither Kendall or Ryan really seemed in love to me. They both just acted like idiots who had a lot of sex due to proximity and circumstance. I never felt their relationship. But that might have been more of my nitpicking.


Despite all of my above complaining I did have moments where I was lost in the story. There was a lot of steamy sex scenes and I am interested in the next book in the series. The writing was good and I will be reading the next one, eventually. 




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