Ok I actually need a minute to compose myself here. Since I first picked up Alley's debut novel I have been obsessed with all of her words. I cant read them fast enough, so I dove straight into the first U of J book not realising it was the first of three. And I nearly cried when I did realise that. For a few reasons, the cliff-hanger were brutal, I have no patience. But also I need all of the BTU crew yesterday. Did I mention I have no patience?


And now here we are at the end of the third book and I feel stabby. There's no cliff-hanger and I loved the epilogues. I love even more that we are getting more books in the series because these guys are awesome and a spin off series, cause the royals. But I want more Mase and Kay.


I don't think I'll ever get enough of them to be honest. I have barely put the book down and I miss them. This is one of those times I wish I was late to the party so I could just binge all the awesomeness we know is coming but have to wait for.


So, it didn't play out how I was expecting or how I was kinda hoping but I really freaking loved it. And I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the guys get their stories told and seeing Mase and Kay in the future. Even if it does mean a little longer away from our BTU family, but only a little longer please Alley.




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