I haven't really read any Adriana Locke before but when I saw she had teamed up with two of my one click authors I knew I had to read this book. I love college sports books and the fake relationship is one of my favourite tropes. So, I was really looking forward to this one.


And I really enjoyed every single part of it. Larissa was an absolutely beautiful person inside and out and I could see myself being friends with her. Add in her sweet and supportive family and her crazy best friend and I was loving it.


But god could I relate to Hollis. He was so broken and alone and scared to put himself out there. Watching him open up to Larissa and letting her see his vulnerabilities made him perfect. I couldn't get enough of this couple.


Now I need to stalk Ariana's books and see if Crew and Bellamy have their own story. And add a whole heap more books to my TBR. Toodles




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