From the moment I picked up Tru's book I have loved the Whiskey's. And I have enjoyed getting to know all of their family, both biological and adopted. All these books have been the perfect mix of love, romance, family and emotion. With enough chemistry to heat things up.


Both Penny and Scott have been involved in earlier couples’ stories but I really never pictured them together until they were. Scott's story was so emotional, and he was so stoic and felt so Closed off from everyone but his sisters I didn't really think of him as one of our heroes.


Penny was so sweet and giving I really could not picture her with Scott. But to see them together in Quincy's story I thought it was heading for heartbreak due to their different experiences. So, seeing them together was beautiful and I totally got over my reservation.


As with all the books, this could be read as a standalone and as a novella i was really impressed with how well all the characters were introduced without it taking up too much of the story. And not only did we get Scott and Penny, but we got more of our other couples further down the line. Plus, a little teaser of Tracey and Diesel. Perfect afternoon read.



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  1. I'm so happy you love the Whiskeys! Thank you for joining the book tour! Happy holidays XOXO


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