Lauren Blakely is one of my top go to authors for happy, light romance. Her books are angst and drama free for the most part. So, whenever I just need a book to read that is going to make me smile she's at the top of my list. And when I saw she had teamed up with Lili Valente, who is right up on that list with her I was super excited.


But I absolutely did not get what I expected. And maybe that's all on me. Because I thought I was getting a light, possibly humorous, best friends brother romance. I just didn't expect it to be quite as emotional and be more than surface deep.


I did expect the steaming hot sex and chemistry and that was delivered in spades. Jesse was smoking hot but also sensitive and caring. He was the perfect hero. He was so determined to do whatever he could to make Ruby's life happier and just generally better.


Ruby was a little lost and getting to know her I completely understood why. But I loved that she wasn't whiny or self-pitying. She was just living life on auto pilot and trying to make everyone around her happy.


The history between Jesse and Ruby was sweet and sad and I loved it. They weren't looking back at everything that had brought them here with anything but fondness. The story progressed so naturally, and the epilogues were perfect.




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