Ok I cried about having to wait ten days for this book, and yes it was worth the wait but seriously by the time I could read this book all my kids became needy little jerks. It took me so long to read this book and all I wanted to do was hide away and not adult while I read it.


Crew was a bit of a wild card because all we really knew about him was that he had me desire to return to Madigan Mountain, but he was doing so for his brother's wedding. And Raven we kind of knew as a background character and little else.


But once I got to know a little more about them both I really liked them. They were both nursing some old wounds and not wanting to get hurt. And they both couldn't deny the chemistry between them. Together they were so awesome, and I couldn't get enough of them. Crew's support and gentle pushing of Raven was so sincere, and it just made him that much better.


I absolutely adored the bonus epilogue and I'm so sad to leave the mountain. This has been another perfect collaboration between three truly amazing authors. And whether you read one of these books or all of them you are getting nothing but gold.





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