I could feel a book slump coming on when I put down my last read because it was so good, I wanted to stay there and I didn't have anything I HAD to read. I couldn't find anything I wanted to read. Every book on my kindle just wasn't it and nothing on my TBR was grabbing me. So, I went over my recently read books and checked out the recommendations on the ones that jumped out at me and ended up here.


And for once the system worked, I added this to my kindle and within the first few pages I was invested. Allie was such a sweet "poor little rich girl." She had such a fractured relationship with her recently deceased father and then was given the team he had loved with no idea what to do with it. But she was such a boss lady. She just jumped in and worked to find out everything she needed to know to make it work.


Luke was a great single Dad. His love and protectiveness of his daughter made me instantly love him. And when the two of them collided and let the chemistry ignite between them, I loved it. It took a little bit for them to get there and after everything came to light I kind of wanted to smack him in the head. But then he was all growly and protective and gave me hope he was going to get it sorted.


And damn did he deliver. To say Luke gave good swoon is an understatement. I loved it and I thoroughly enjoyed the epilogue. I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series and praying we get some updates on Luke and Allie in it. But regardless I am grabbing it from KU now and jumping in once I recover from staying up all night to finish this one.




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