Series like this are why I absolutely love my KU. I came across the first book and loved it so I grabbed the second one and then this one back to back. Because I just couldn’t get enough of the characters or the writing. And then I saw that Logan’s sisters have their own series in KU so now I know what my next few reads are as well. And I couldn’t be happier, especially since we got the little bit of background on the first book in this one. And I already feel like I know the girls a little bit from this book.


But for now, I probably should focus on Logan and Paige and the awesome book I just read. Because going in I was so excited yet also a little apprehensive. Paige was a bit intimidating, and Logan was so closed off. But I just knew if he could let her in and she could curb her itchy feet they would be explosive as hell. And I am so glad I was right.


Logan was pretty closed off and once I understood why I just liked him even more. Because he gave so much of himself to those he loved, and he went so far above to make sure they were all ok. And once he surrendered to Paige and let her in he was so hot. Like incinerate your panties hot. I couldn’t get enough of him and the gentle way he looked after everyone around him. But then Paige stepped up and proved that she was no slouch in the looking after those you love department and I completely got over being intimidated by her and just wanted to wrap her up and love her.


The story between these guys was so easy to fall into and I couldn’t put it down. And I even got a little bit emotional once I saw how beautiful these guys were when they finally put down all their guards and just trusted in their feelings. And like I said we now get to see the Ward sisters fall in love, and after the teaser at the end of this book I am absolutely there for it.



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