This series has been funny, I pick the book up and I can't remember anything about the previous books or characters and then before I've even finished the first chapter it all comes flooding back. And I completely love that they are all told at the same time as each of their own perspectives, with each of their own things. Yet we still got to see the other couples at key moments.


Morgan and James don't seem like they should work on paper. But then as you dig beneath the perfect ice queen veneer you see that James is the perfect person to bring out her real. Although he had a few "dumb teenage boy" moments where I really needed him to give better grovel. He was a genuinely good and caring guy with his feet firmly on the ground.


I really enjoyed the story. And even though it was told in dual point of view Morgan was the star of the story for me. Watching her come through everything and get her confidence and self-worth back was beautiful. There were a few things I would have liked to see closed out a little more or differently or I don't even know, I think I just want more.



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