Being school holidays over here I have a lot of time to read, so I thought I would start this series I have had on my TBR forever and just binge them all. Dove into this one and although I was somewhat struggling to keep up with the massive amount of different characters and it being told from several different perspectives I enjoyed it. It's been quite a while since I've read a book setting up a whole new world so it took me a while to lean into it.


Talon was a little overbearing for me and despite the fact I generally like that. I had several moments I wanted him to soften in his delivery. Because despite the fact he was being a bit of a jerk he was doing it for a good reason. Luckily Cara was more patient than I was and despite her patience, she still argued for things that were important.


Cara was perfect. I love that her reactions felt genuine for the situations. And she was of the act first, ask forgiveness later camp, when she felt it was important. But she also listened to logic and didn't disregard her beautiful daughter's abilities.


I really enjoyed the book and the world that was created and I’m dying to see where a lot of these characters are heading. So, I jumped on over to kindle to grab book two to dive on in and freaked out when I saw it was almost $15. I don't mind paying that for a random book but it’s killing my binge. So now I'm thinking I'll have to read this series slowly and hope I don't lose it in the crush of the TBR and new releases.


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