I devoured every book in this series and then we got to Marek, and I just couldn't pick it up. And even after I bought it, I had the thought I should just remove it from my TBR and kick off into the next series. But since I had that though after I bought it, I figured since I'd already paid for it I'd just read it and get it out of the way.


And to be honest that's kind of how I feel about the book. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. And I knew going in I would feel that way, so I don't know why I had to read it except I'm annoying AF, even to myself.


Let's be honest, secret babies have a fundamental reason why the baby is a surprise. Sometimes it's an innocent reason like a one-night stand or an unreachable person. But generally, it's hidden because of something that's happened between the couple. And then you almost have to pick sides. Is her reason for keeping it secret more valid than his (and more importantly the child's) right to know?


On top of that in a second chance romance novel you have the reason they aren't still together. Plus, how do they get over the above-mentioned secret baby stuff. And then we have this book and its characters.


So, I was on Team Gracen. I understood why she didn't tell Marek she was pregnant. And it helped that once he found out about it, he was a dick. His reasons for breaking up with Gracen were selfish acehole reasons in my opinion but at least he broke up with her and if that was the end of their story, I'd be happy. But I can honestly say in her situation after he has broken my heart out of nowhere after 5 years together because he doesn't want the responsibility of being in a relationship now that he's been drafted to the NHL, I wouldn't be hunting him down for anything.


Then to have him be a jerk about the fact she kept this secret without acknowledging that maybe she was valid. Bye bye Marek.


Other than the fact I disliked both characters and the theme the book was beautifully written, of course. And the secondary characters being people I liked in previous books were great to see. And now I can forget about this book and read the other series guilt free.



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