I went into this book having absolutely no idea what to expect, I saw an ARR book and I was there. Then I started reading it and I was dying to know who the hero was. So I had to go check out the blurb and then I was excited to realise it was Jace (I was pretty sure it was but I didn’t want to get invested and then get a curveball).


From the start Jace had the growling, possessive thing going on and I was there for it. The entire plot was so cute, and I loved watching the relationship unfold between Jace and Penny. Everything about them together was perfect. Their chemistry was off the charts and yet they were also so cute and adorable.


Naturally it was well written, and the characters were great. I kind of wish we got Jace's point of view, but his actions made his feelings pretty clear. I couldn't put it down, I had to know what was going to happen next between them and how everything was going to play out. And I was so happy with how it did.



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