I put down Fated and went off to grab this on kindle only to have a freak out about it costing nearly $15 or as Amazon so helpfully calculated only $134 for the remainder of the series. So, I read a couple of other books I had previously purchased and not read but I was still dying to binge this series. Then it finally occurred to me to check out the library.


Which sounds obvious and simple, but it was 10pm Sunday night and I am not a library card holder. But I signed up and downloaded overdrive and am now reading on my phone like a weirdo. However, since I was just able to read this book and have already borrowed the next three I'm a happy weirdo.


This world is so intriguing and I'm loving all of the characters. I love that we get a little more of the overall story with each book while getting so much of each couple in their own book. Each background character has so much of their own part of the story. So even though this book was all about Dage and Emma I fell for Conn and his witch. And I am dying to see if Caleb and Lily succumb to that tension.


But the main thing I'm really needing to know is what happens next. So toodles, I'm off to start book 3 even though I completely decided that I wouldn't start it until tomorrow so I could get some sleep.




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