First, I feel like I need to confess. My name is Carmen and I'm addicted to hockey romance despite the fact that sport hardly exists in Australia. I can't get enough of it and throw in some new adult college angst and it's not even going on the TBR, that's already one clicked and waiting on my kindle. L.A. Cotton is one of those authors I don't really think about and then I'm reading her book and I'm wondering why I don't think of her more.


I saw this series on a signup, and I jumped to put my hand up. Then I read the tiny little teaser prequel novella and I couldn't wait for more so I instantly grabbed the next prequel on audible and I was obsessed. That was the best audio book I've listened to, honestly that dual narration was chef's kiss. And the story was great, and I couldn't wait to read this one. Because despite the 2 prequels the characters weren't really introduced so it was a standalone in the series.


Noah and Aurora were both the definition of bent not broken. They had such different broken pieces that they fit together perfectly. And I loved the chemistry between them and the way they slowly grew their trust in each other. Their story was one I didn't want to put down. And their epilogue was super cute. Now I'm off to add the next one to my TBR since I can't one click it yet.




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