Ah I absolutely wasn't ready for that book. I mean I've been dying to read Jordan and Katies story since the beginning, but I feel so unprepared for the reality of reading it. Firstly, ten years feels like an eternity, but I guess when dealing with near immortal beings it's hardly a blink of an eye.


Mainly, I feel like they got ripped off. Especially poor Katie. That poor girl has had to deal with everything to get that happily ever after. And even then, she had to fight so hard for it. I mean give the girl a break. On the other hand, if anyone is strong enough to go through all that, it's Katie.


And yeah yeah, Jordan was there but man where was the alpha bloody shifter king? I felt like he would show up for moments but most of the time he was just a whingy baby. Don't get me wrong, I love Jordan but sack up dude and listen to Katie. He's just lucky he appreciated her and regretted wasting those ten years or I would have been wanting more junk punches.


But on a serious note, gah. There's so much going on and those ten years have been brutal, and I guess a little necessary to age a few children (and Katie). And there was some serious twists and turns in the story that I am dying to jump into the next one and I don't even know what it's called or who it is but it's screaming my name. Bye.



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