I am so hooked on this series right now that I am currently binge reading it on my laptop and book from the library and complaining about it at every turn. Sorry family. Not sorry. But I am absolutely loving this world and all of the people in it.


Conn and Moira where a couple I was looking forward to getting to know better and there were so many layers to them and their relationship. Between the war, the demons, the witches, and the century since their mating there was a lot of drama for them to sift through.


Both characters were awesome, and I loved that Conn was so good at seeing what Moira was worried about and allaying her fears. Even if he was also great at doing the chest beating overbearing alpha. And Moira knew who she was and fought for it. Then we got more of everyone else plus the next chapter in the war and a baby. Sigh.


And now I have Jordan and Katie waiting for me on my kindle because it was only $5, and I can't read on my phone for another day. Yeah, I know my brains an acehole and my kindle is trying to figure out why I'm reading bits and pieces of this series.


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