This has been on my kindle for ever and on my TBR even longer, but I just never got the urge to read it. Then book slump hit and I was craving some old school KA, so I started. And now I have strongly mixed feelings about it.


First, I love KA and her alpha grunting manly men and their over the top crazy everyone loves them heroines. And normally I can skim over the overly wordy descriptions of everything. But this book just felt like too much of all of that. Why do they all have fantastic hair? And I have honestly never heard anyone talk like all these characters do.


The basis of the story was great. I connected with and cried with all the characters, and I couldn't put the book down. I just also rolled my eyes a lot and remembered that exactly line about her hair from the golden dynasty (best book ever) and wondered how many times she described his eyelashes or her outfits.


So yeah, mixed feelings.



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